Dutch jazz renegades Trigg & Gusset, notorious for their musical ingenuity as well as their mature production style, are now back in 2020 with their third album “The Way In”. This follow up to their internationally acclaimed “Adagio For The Blue” features eight soundly composed and tightly produced tracks.

While staying inside the domain of instrumental jazz, Trigg & Gusset manage to constantly maintain a tight embrace with the world of electronica. Gusset’s powerful woodwind performance combines magically well with the composition and production skills of the studio veteran Trigg, allowing them with each release to create an ever more a unique blend of styles that can only be said to be in a league of its own.

As well as both being excellent musicians themselves, Trigg & Gusset manage to maintain a strong network of excellent performers, as well as creatives, supporting their original compositions on all levels, from artwork to guest performances. “The Way In” can be considered Trigg & Gussets summit in this perspective as well as in the sense that it has matured their diversity; the trumpet solo of Coen Hamelink in Mirage, the flute solo by Famke van Daalen in Stardust or the bass playing by Dominique Bentvelsen and Just Lavooij enable it the sense of a solid formation, setting it apart from the current standard of electronica or next generation dark noir jazz in a big way.

Quotes from the media:

” If ‘Legacy of the Witty’ proved that Knol and van Geer could play elegantly and with passion, then ‘Adagio for the Blue’ certainly proves that their talents lie not just in the moment. It’s a release that proves they can compose just as well as they can improvise, and it’s simply a joy to hear”  – recensie Anthem review (2015)

” Trigg & Gusset traffics in a deeply aromatic blend of noir-jazz on its sophomore effort Adagio for the Blue, the title itself a succinct encapsulation of the albums tone”  – recensie Textura (2015)

“Trigg (Bart Knol; keyboards, beats, synths en samples) & Gusset (Erik van Geer; tenor sax, basklarinet) – ik had nog nooit van dit tweetal gehoord – komen gewoon uit het niets even met een overtuigende darkjazz plaat ala Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble en Cinematic Orchestra. Legacy Of The Witty ademt van begin tot eind een donkere jazzy tristesse” – recensie musique (2013)

“There is something deliciously dark and mysterious about the film noir-esque sounds presented on Legacy of the Witty by Trigg & Gusset on Preserved Sound … something very David Lynch.” – headphonaught (2013)